How the match works – Fantaera

Fantaera is an unconventional fantasy football, we do not sum up ratings to decide scores and results.

The ratings obtained by your players during the gameweek will contribute (according to players positions on the field) in the following team values:


Positions on the field are split in central and side. For the defense and midfield, when composed by 4 or 5 players, the side players will be the outer ones. Same goes for attack but just when there are 3 strikers. Other players or cases will contribute to central.

To score a goal your team should be able to create enough chances that your strikers can finalize (if finishing is high enough), but also take in account your opponent marking, tackling and handling!

If this is your first time playing Fantaera, our suggestion is to create the most possible balanced team. Having just the best scorers in the league doesn’t always lead to scoring goals if your midfield isn’t capable of creating chances.