Tactics in Fantaera

Fantaera is an unconventional Fantasy Football.

In our leagues every team plays a match against another team each gameweek. The match result is not given by a simple sum of your players scoring, but it takes in account many other factors as it happens with real football!

So you, the manager, have more options to demonstrate your skills in deciding the lineup. Every tactic you choose has its pros and cons, let’s see how they differ:


The most balanced tactic, same number of defenders and midfielders, it splits equally side and central plays.


A more offensive play style, but the fullbacks are more exposed to opponent attacks. A good choice when your forwards scoring power is limited.


Hard work for wingers, but the midfield is hard to surpass and can contrast opponent attacks.


Rock solid defense, the goalkeeper is way more secured. But it will be harder to create attacking plays, mostly on the side.


The most unbalanced tactic, be careful in choosing 3-4-3 unless you’ll predict a perfect defense. Can create a lot of plays but it could concede even more.

4-5-1 & 5-4-1

Defensive tactics. Can be a choice if you perfectly trust your lone forward. Or if you’re just looking to snatch a draw.