The sealed-bids auction draft

In Fantaera you pick your players with the auction draft. You have to submit your bids before the time limit. Once the deadline is passed, the team with the highest bid will get the player.

Your initial budget consists in 250 credits. You are not restricted by the number of bids. However, the draft algorithm will always assign 24 players per team. So you can choose to make one bid and secure your most wanted player (the other 23 players will be assigned by the system) or place many smaller bids. Be careful that there are also position limits (3 GK, 8 D, 8 M and 5 F)! For example, you can surely bid for more than 3 goalkeepers, but you will get 3 at most.

The algorithm will assign the remaining players to the teams that have less than 24 players, giving precedence to higher value ones.

When two or more bids are equal, the alg will pick one team randomly and assign the player. That team will not participate in the next equal bids random picks until every team has won a random pick.