Quick Start!

Welcome to Fantaera, manager! Are you ready to guide your team to the glory? Here’s the quickest way to start..

  1. Create your team
  2. Join an existing league or create a new one and invite your friends
  3. Place your bids in the auction draft before the deadline
  4. Once the deadline has passed, you can find the assigned players in your team page
  5. Now you can trade players, buy free-agents, release unwanted players
  6. Don’t forget to submit your lineup when you’re done
  7. Enjoy the highlights of your match!

And you’re good to go! Want to know more? Check the rules page and you will be ready to master Fantaera. Fantaera is more than a fantasy football. Results are not calculated by simply summing up players ratings, but they are calculated by our algorithm that simulate as much as possible the real football matches. So even tactics and defense will be important. It’s time to start to bring home some trophies, manager!