1. Beginner’s guide

Fantaera is a simple game based on real player performances on the field. You perform the duties of the manager of a team, decide the lineup, buy and sell players and much more.

1.1 Registering to Fantaera.com
Registering to Fantaera is very fast and simple. Once signed in, you are ready to create your teams and leagues. You can create and manage many teams and leagues from a single account.

1.2 Create a team
Create a team choosing the name and the stadium. You can customize your home and away kit, choose the sponsor that will accompany you for the rest of the season. You can customize your kits until the start of your league.

1.3 Create or join a league
There are two kinds of league: public or private. Everyone would be able to join a public league, while a private league is protected with the password you chosed. Both kinds of league can have from 4 up to 20 teams.
You can choose how many rounds your league will have. In a round, each team will encounter each other team once.

1.4 Leagues and players
When you create a new league, you can decide which real league it will target. All the players from the chosen league will be available on the auction and the transfers market to compose you team.
Every player has an associated position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward) and a value.

1.5 The blind Draft
The last step separating you from your squad is the draft. You have to simply submit your bids before the time limit.
Your team starts with a budget of 250 credits. You can place how many bets as you like, but remember, in any case, your team will be assigned 24 players. The system will then assign the player to the team with the greatest bid. If bids are equals, the system will decide the assignment, balancing as much as possible the luck factor. Once all players from all the bets have been assigned, the system will complete the teams with the best free agents players for no credits.