3. The lineup

Fantaera is a fantasy game based on real player performance on their leagues.

Unlike many other fantasy soccer games, the match results are not calculated just by summing values, but they’re calculated in a more complex way that takes care of many factors. It is in a sort of way more similar to real football. You can submit your lineups until the first match of the current matchday. If you forget to submit your lineup for whatever reason, the system will take the last inserted.

3.1 The tactic

You can choose your favorite tactic between the followings: 442, 433, 451, 352, 343, 532, 541. Every tactic has its pros and cons, it’s up to the manager choosing the best tactic for a given match and opponent.
It’s not possible in Fantaera to change directly the tactic because it will be guessed from the chosen players. For instance, if your team has a 442 tactic and you want to change to a 433, simply swap a midfielder with a forward.

3.2 Substitutions

In case a player in the starting XI has not given a rating, he will be substituted by a player on the bench. No more than 3 subs are allowed per game. The substitutions take place in order from the goalkeeper to the forwards, looking for the first available substitute for the position on the bench. There’s a special case in which there are no possible substitutes for a position: in this case another player that normally plays in another position can jump in, but he will be given a fixed negative rating.
If no goalkeepers are available between regulars and bench, a fixed rated player from the youth team will play as the goalie, and it will consume a substitution.