5. Table and fixtures

A Fantaera league is a classic round robin tournament. Each team encounters every other team once per round. Usual rules: 3 points per victory, 1 point for draw and 0 for lose.
In case of equal points, to determine the winner of the League, the following parameters are calculated in this order: goal difference, goals scored, number of wins, credits remaining. In case of absolute equality of all these parameters, the winner will be determined randomly.

5.1 The matchday

The league will be closed since the first match of the matchweek until the day after the last match. While the league all the operations on the team are suspended. Once results are calculated, you will find the highlights and results in the league page. Then you will be able again to submit your lineup, trade players and so on.

5.2 Postponed matches

When some matches have not been played, we follow these 2 general cases:

  • the matches that get postponed within 2 days of their scheduled time are considered as usual and the results will be available the day after
  • the matches that get postponed after 2 days will be considered but all their players will be assigned a default rating of zero

5.3 Press release and league chat

In the league page you can stay up to date with other managers in the chat or raise the flame with your press releases.