7. Rules of conduct

Fantaera is a free game, but we kindly ask you to follow these easy rules of conduct. In the case you will notice someone is not respecting the rules, please report to the admins.

The Fantaera dev team is doing the best to create and improve the game, releasing new features or optimizing the existing ones. These changes will be released as much as possible when the leagues are not underway, but it wouldn’t be always possible. In those cases we’ll try to announce them in the quickest and easiest way.


We kindly ask you to follow these rules in respect of other users:

  • Don’t use names that can blame or be offensive for teams, managers, leagues, press releases and so on
  • Don’t play with more than a team in the same league
  • Don’t negotiate results with other teams
  • Don’t trade players between teams to disadvantage other teams

In the case we verify the violation, we will suspend or ban the account of those managers.

Report a bug

Fantaera is a free game and it needs the help of the community to grow and let you play many different leagues. So, you will be very helpful if you report every kind of bug or error you will find in the game.

The player ratings are calculated every matchday with the help of professional data-sports services. By the way, errors can certainly occur. In this case, we ask you to report them as soon as you can in the dedicated section on the forum. Matches are usually calculated at 11am, so please report the error before 10am. After that time, we cannot guarantee they will be taken in account.


Generally, the game servers are continuously online, but sometime they may go down for some reasons. We will try to be back as soon as possible and get you informed about the issue status on the official social accounts. For this reasons, we strongly advise you to submit your lineup also some day before the scheduled deadline.