2. Team squad and transfers

Once the auction comes to an end, every manager will be able to proceed on the transfer market.

2.1 Team squad composition
After the auction every team will have 24 players. The maximum number of players per team is 26, while the minimum is 18.

The squad must also respects these constraints:

  • min/max players 18/26
  • min/max goalkeepers 2/3
  • min/max defenders 6/10
  • min/max midfielders 6/10
  • min/max forwards 4/6

2.3 Free agents
Every team can invest its remaining capital to buy players on the free agents market. These players have a value, assigned by Fantaera, that represents the cost of the player. If you want to release one of your players, you will get back just half of the value (and not what you spent in the auction for this player).

2.3 Transfers
A team can make a transfer proposal to another team of the same league. You can exchange players and credits. Remember to check your lineup when you sell or buy a new player.

2.4 Limitations
A transfer bid can involve at max 3 players per team. This is the only limitation, but remember: to accept the offer, both teams must have the needed credits available and both future team squads must respect the constraints.

2.5 Market updates

The Team’s players updates will take weekly, unless otherwise specified, in conjunction with the release of the results, the day after the last match at 12.00. Any changes will be communicated via social media.